Freedom To Lead International

Cultivating Christ-centered leaders through story, symbol, and song to unleash the whole gospel in local communities.

Leaders – good ones and bad ones – make a difference in everyone’s life. That’s why Freedom to Lead exists; we believe people benefit when competent, Christ-centered leaders unleash the full potential of the Gospel within their local communities. Freedom to Lead cultivates this kind of Christ-centered leader.

People that communicate and learn best through stories, images, and music need their own leaders. Freedom to Lead believes now is the time to develop leaders in these societies – this is a new frontier. Freedom to Lead provides an innovative program to help story-centric leaders follow Jesus’ way of leading. By developing these leaders, Freedom to Lead is contributing to one of the most exciting Christian movements of all time.

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Michelle Sessoms

Competent Leadership

The 2020 Vision Statement of Freedom to Lead:
In five years we will see 5000 storycentric leaders in 25 under-resourced countries being transformed into competent Christ-centered leaders.

When the summer months became too unbearable to continue with my long distance running, I decided to opt for the slightly “cooler” outdoor experience of the woods and the national parks. So, I joined a hiking club, eager to both be in community with other people and to put my boots to the ground and strengthen core muscles. I figured I could just apply the skills I had learned while long distance running to hiking hills and mountains. I would soon learn that despite the incredible grace these new friends extended, I was quite incompetent compared to many of my peers.

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FTL Vision Statement 2020