Freedom To Lead International

Cultivating Christ-centered leaders through story, symbol, and song to unleash the whole gospel in local communities.

Leaders – good ones and bad ones – make a difference in everyone’s life. That’s why Freedom to Lead exists; we believe people benefit when competent, Christ-centered leaders unleash the full potential of the Gospel within their local communities. Freedom to Lead cultivates this kind of Christ-centered leader.

People that communicate and learn best through stories, images, and music need their own leaders. Freedom to Lead believes now is the time to develop leaders in these societies – this is a new frontier. Freedom to Lead provides an innovative program to help story-centric leaders follow Jesus’ way of leading. By developing these leaders, Freedom to Lead is contributing to one of the most exciting Christian movements of all time.

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Rick Sessoms

Much Practice Does Not Make A Perfect Leader


What does it take to become an expert?

A popular writer cites the “10,000-hour rule.”  According to this rule, if you practice for 10,000 hours, you will become an expert. But this rule is an oversimplification of important research: in fields as diverse as music, math, and leadership, deliberate practice is the only kind of practice that promises to produce excellence.

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